ICE Awards Guide for Entrants

The Irish Construction Excellence Awards (ICE Awards) are the original and premier recognition of performance excellence for the construction industry in Ireland and the only truly independent prize for the contracting sector.

An expert panel of judges has been assembled from construction disciplines including construction project management, engineering, architecture, and cost management.

Exclusive to the Irish Construction Excellence Awards, our judging process will include an Interview Stage for the project categories where the finalists will present to our expert judges, showcase their projects and have Q&A sessions.

This level of engagement is not only of great value to the entrants but also puts our judging process on par with best international professional competition practice.

Getting your entry ready

Each entrant must complete the online Entry Form specific to the category they wish to enter.

The criteria on which entries are judged for each category are embedded in the questionnaires. Each category has a set list of questions.

Use these questions as a step-by-step guide to what the judges want to see. Review each question and provide the information requested.

Keep within the advised word count. Keep the information submitted clear and concise. Make explicit what makes each project unique.

Include any additional material required or suggested as noted on the entry form, for example, testimonials, drawings, images etc.

The Judges will use the answers to the questionnaire, images and supporting material to score the entry and select the finalists in each category.

What the judges want to see detailed in your entry

How your organisation delivered value to your client.

That completed projects meet and exceed user requirements and expectations and move the industry forward.

The Judges are interested in the cost and value engineering aspects of projects.

Innovative quality project delivery, clear detail on the programme, budget, quality and safety standards.

Highlight lessons learned and how these have been incorporated into your method of working going forward.

The construction industry works through collaboration, highlight the collaborative aspects of the build between the design, construction and engineering teams and client.

Consider aspects of the build that are not necessarily visible in the final project.

Include problem-solving in real time and meeting challenges by creating innovative solutions.

Highlight your positive outcomes. Back up all statements. At the interview stage finalists may be asked about key success detailed in the entry.

The demonstration of good project management while dealing with challenges like location, time, budget, live working conditions etc.

The use of emerging technologies and new techniques to deliver projects will be of interest.

The positive impact on the end-user, the environment, the economy and society will also be factors of influence.

Outline how projects were delivered safely. Include any health, safety or wellbeing initiatives utilised or applied during the build.

The number one tip from successful entrants is: Start your entry early and complete
with enough time to allow
a final review before submission.

Please do reach out if you have any questions. Email us at
or call 01 2806030

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